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This is  my last interview and it was also my first! Evette Brady was my first interview on October 5th 2002. I happy to have her as my guest today January 10th, 2015. She is a wonderful chef and I could not imagine ending any other way. Thanks to all the great listeners for so many years. Thanks to the great chefs and cooks I have interviewed as well, Arkansas has a rich culinary history because of you all. This has been a labor of love and I could not have done it without the support of KUAR. I could also not have done this without the help and expertise of Travis Hill. Thank you Travis!

Life is too short to eat bad food, so always eat great food & eat it with people you love, it will taste so much better!

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2 Responses to “Evette Brady”

  1. Mary Dee Taylor Says:

    I was unable to listen to your last show today and as a long standing fan of your show and an old friend of Evette Brady, I was so disappointed. I came to this page hoping I could hear it, but it isn’t there. Will it be available later? Will anybody else pick up your show? As the founder of RSVP, Inc. and former food columnist, I share your food philosophy and will miss hearing your interviews. Good luck, Mary Dee Taylor

  2. Amadoum Says:

    I heard the tail end of your interview with Miss Brady this morning and was quite impressed with the way she interacted with her employees. Her philosophy produces winners all around. Where can I get the whole interview? If a person can think this way, I have no doubt she is a wonderful chef.
    I have an african (peanut butter sauce) recipe to share but am sad to know that today was your last interview.

    I wish both of you a Happy New Year!

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