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Buy Local! There are so many great new places in Little Rock right now that you can buy anything you need locally. The ones that come to mind are Maddie’s Place on Rebsamen Park Road. Great cajun po’boys and a Parmesan bisque that will make you weep. Also Patio Pizza and Beer Garden. A super pizza and believe it or not, banana pudding that will make you think you are at your grandmother’s house. Last, but not least, is the Station Grocery & Deli on the corner of ¬†Markham and Kavanaugh with some of the freshest produce you could possibly want.¬† So support your local stores & restaurants!!! What does that mean exactly? Well, it means that you don’t have to go to chain to great food, as a matter of fact the local places are always better than the chains. You will always get fresher more local food. We were just in Oakland,CA to see my daughter and I did not see a chain restaurant for miles. The local places are all trying to out do each other in the local market and boy are they proud of where they get their meat, veggies, etc. The best part is that these places are thriving! So do your self and your community a big favor, BUY LOCAL!!!

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  1. Doug Lackey Says:

    I am in complete agreement with you. I believe participation in the “buy local” philosophy is the real-world catalyst for economic recovery.

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