Eggshells Kitchen Co.

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Eggshells Kitchen Co.

Owners – Sarah Ort & Heather Smith

5705 Kavanaugh Blvd

Little Rock, AR 72207


Sarah and Heather have a great assortment of kitchen items that are as much fun to look at as it is to buy. Go to their website for information and items you can buy online.

Whole Foods Market – Talking Turkey

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This weeks show is at Whole Foods Market and boy,do they have the right stuff for Thanksgiving! They have fresh turkeys, amazing fresh veggies and the best cheese and cracker assortment you can imagine. They have wonderful desserts from the bakery and all the ingredients to make your own. This show actually aired last year so it is a repeat, but it is worth the repeat. Phillip is now at another Whole Foods in Tulsa but the Whole Foods in Little Rock is still booming! Go visit and see the amazingly fresh and creative food they have at the Market!  

Anniversery at Ashley’s

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I have not blogged in many days. But a great food night deserves the space. I wanted everyone to know that Ashley’s at the Capital Hotel continues to turn out some of the best food ever! Lee Richardson has a beautiful Farmers Menu that is all supplied by local farmers. His menu is the crème de la crème of Arkansas. There is a great 49. price fix that is some of the best food you ever eat. I am not a fan of chicken livers, however when my husband ordered the Oat Crusted Chicken Livers over Fresh Greens, I tasted them and don’t regret it one bite! My Sable fish was the tenderest and sweetest fish I have ever had. My husband beat again with his desert, Banana Cream Brule and Cake served with Browned Butter Ice Cream. The fact that everyone treats you like you are the Stephens is another reason to go to Ashley’s and the Capital Hotel. They even had our names on the menus because it was our anniversary, Wow!  You really can’t beat and the wine pairing was only 20.00 with the meal. A great bargain for some amazing wine!